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Bubos Square Acoustic Panels Self-adhesive

Bubos Square Acoustic Panels Self-adhesive

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Made with 230kg/m3 high density polyester felt fabric, which is durable, light in weight, and damage-free to a wall. Our soundproof wall panels do well in reducing noise, eliminating sound impurities and improving speech intelligibility. We insist on using high quality soundproofing material to ensure it's flame retardant, odorless, non-toxic, corrosion resistant, and fade resistant. Furthermore, the acoustic foam panels achieve a grade of noise reduction coefficient: 0.95 and absorption coefficient: 0.8!

It is flame-retardant, environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Passed UL Gold Greenguard certification and SGS Fire prevent UL94.

Available in different styles, bubos acoustic sound panels can be hung in your bedroom or living room as a decoration to light up your dull walls, bringing a different visual appeal! Rich and diverse patterns are compatible with any scene.

🎸Reduce room echo and reverberation
🎸Optimizes the audio quality of live broadcasts and recordings
🎸Enhances your stereo and surround sound listening experience
🎸Rich and diverse patterns can be compatible with any scene

Simple fix the panel with 3M heavy-duty, double-sided adhesive, nano-glue or spray glue and nails.


Made from 230 kg/m3 density polyester, which is high density, fire prevention and environmental.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
A Common Sense Review

I bought these to put on a wall that separates me and a neighbor because I was afraid the sound from my TV would be annoying to them. FIRST thing you need to know... these will NOT block noise from somewhere else, that's NOT how they work. These panels go in the room where the noise IS, helping prevent some of that noise from going to other rooms.
My apartment is old and the walls aren't very even anymore, but I think I did a decent job of getting them fairly straight. It takes a lot of measuring, patience, and maybe some cutting... this isn't a quick peel & stick project if you want it to look nice. Mine have been up for a couple of months now, I haven't had any issues with any of them falling off or peeling away from the wall.

Lorraine Williams
Yes! Yes! And Yes Again!

This product is fantastic, inexpensive, and does a solid job at reducing noise. After installing, I would feel like I was going deaf in the ear facing the material - that's how good of a job it does at reducing noise. Purchased to reduce laundry room noise since I could hear it throughout my entire apartment and post-install everything is much, much quieter. I can't speak to the product's adhesion because I was apprehensive to use it since most cheaper adhesives leave a silly amount of residue or rip paint which makes for a cumbersome project. Instead, I decided to use Scotch's 3M indoor fastener strips (it comes in 15 foot roles for around $20). This holds the panels perfectly and it will rip of clean when you need to take them down.

Great value

Easy to install and look good too

Inexpensive, looks amazing, does the job of solid noise cancellation!

The photo doesn’t do it justice how nice it looks. My streaming audience and co-workers have noticed the echo disappear, it’s easy to cut with a box cutter knife. Buy adhesive spray it works perfectly the first time. It looks so nice I might buy again just for the insulation and the looks. Good price too. Bass traps and other insulation tiles are just way too expensive. This is a deal tho. I would buy 2 of this item to have a complete sound proof of most areas but for a entire room you’ll need 10 to 12 of these. I’m really curious how good that would sound. I will probs do it and make another review.

James Franco
They work for sound absorption and look great!

These are for sound absorption not sound-proofing. The entire Industry uses these terms interchangeably as though they mean the same thing. They do not! Sound-proofing will cost you thousands of dollars and you will have to tear apart your walls and ceiling... An acoustic pro should do it. If you live in an Apartment complex-No way.
They are effective at absorbing sound, with a tested NRC of .95 they are close to the best for easy sound absorping tasks and installation. In the USA apartment complexz are painted an off white, sickly looking color. I completely covered my room in these and they look great. They are a crytalline white(I dont know why someone wrote blue-if that color is blue then it is better than white!) and have texture to them. I would do the whole apartment but it is not necessary. I used 136 for a large room but I placed them exactly like I tiled the entire place completely with no spaces.
The other thing is the nano-tape stickers are the best. I tried the black 3M stickers(dont do it) and other tapes, nano-tape and strong 3M VHB tape and Wotec(Wotec is the better than all except the stickers supplied or sold by Bubos). The reasons are 1-The other tapes(except Wotec) will take forever and drive you nuts trying to remove the plastic and then they will be stuck to your fingers like glue or the Black 3m stickers will come apart easy but have fallen off my ceilin. The Bubos stickers come apart easy and they are as powerful as the nano-tapes and the 3m tape. They are also very thin but cut in large squares. They work well.