Collection: Hexagon Acoustic Panels

Bubos Hexagonal Acoustic Panels are the best of both worlds: Sober and Trendy artistic designs with Internationally certified quality Soundproofing. Gray, Blue, White, Red, Black, Green, and Multi-Colored decorative acoustic panels. Check out our all-new Self Adhesive panel+foam design in 'woodish brown' touch is best for a furnished feel. Our self-bonding hexagon panels in white, black, teal, grey, and brown colors are the best-selling six-sided panels with a durable peel-off stick-on glue feature by default! Get your favorite color and create the ambiance you always wanted with our self-adhesive Bubos Acoustic panels pack of 12 or 24, up to 34% sale.

Hexagon Acoustic Panels provide an excellent sound-absorbing solution for any living environment, from offices to bedrooms, from the kitchen to the bathroom. You will enjoy the peacefulness and beauty of the natural sounds while enjoying the beauty of these panels' colors and designs.