Questions & Answers

  • What makes panel better than foam?

Many different aspects make it better - Design, durability, density, ease of installation etc.

In terms of true acoustical solutions, these super dense acoustic panels are 5 - 8 x denser at a density of 230 kg/m3 compared to studio wedge foam that only has a density of 25-40 kg/m3 at most. (Denser panels absorb sound and cancel noise better)

  • Can they be used on windows to block street noises?

Answer:Hello! Please note that this product is a sound absorbing material and its main function is to overcome acoustic defects like excessive reverb and echoes. When it comes to blocking noise, it can help deaden and reduce some extraneous sounds. :) Also, the theory is the heavier and denser the material, the more blocking of sound pass through.

  • Does this improve sound in a home theater?

Yes,this product is born for home theater design! Also the recording studio and Cinema.

  • Will it damage the walls when removed? Need it for a shared apartment wall.

it needs you attach 3M Double Sided Tape (sold separately) to the back of each panel and adhere in the desired position. As long as you take them down gently they wont do any damage. If you are worried about the tape maybe use foam pads and tiny pins instead.

  • Can these be cut to fit a smaller space?
Yes. They cut easily with a good box cutter. I cut many to fit spaces smaller than 1 foot and to fit around fixtures. Doesn’t leave hairs or anything and cuts all the way through smoothly.
  • How do I calculate how many panels I need for the room size ?
It all depends on the size of your rooms. If it is a large room and contains a certain number of doors and windows, the quantities of acoustic panels would increase. The room shape might also influence the requirement, L-shaped & Square shaped rooms will require more foams. If you have any difficulties determining how many panels you need, you can contact us here►
  • How are these cleaned? Is the surface porous or easy to wipe down? Thanks!
BUBOS professional support will answer you. The surface is porous. But it is easy to clean. You can remove it for washing. Sun-dried, it will not fade and affect the hardness. Wiping is not recommended.
  • Will these stick on the ceiling without falling on my head?
These do not come with adhesive, so if you pick your adhesive well, they should stick. A couple of finishing nails would seal the deal. I put them up on the door to my bedroom and, 4 feet across the hall, the door to the home office. They work pretty darn good to keep the sound from the different, adjacent rooms (living room w TV, bedroom  TV and office with people playing video games) from being distracting.
  • Can i paint on these?

They are certainly not perfect for painting, but with the right equipment, sure. Be prepared to paint on very porous fabric. Ot is fairly rigid so it will hold up to working on it.

  • 1) Do these reduce bass frequencies? 2) Will double-sided tape work on smooth closet ceiling? Can tiles be later removed if using adhesive spray?

The use of these products will absorb low frequency sounds. Using 3M tape can be spread on the ceiling. If using viscose spray. Tile removal is also very easy. And it will not fall. It is recommended to use 5 double-sided tapes per tile.

  • Could I use these to line a dishwasher cabinet to quiet a noisy dishwasher? In a typical application, would they be too tight or get too hot?

If there would be nothing wrong with the dishwasher, I need to explain that the function of these soundproofing panels would be to absorb sound/noises to a certain extent so it would be helpful to absorb SOME of the noises coming out from the cabinet with it's dense product characteristic. However, this would depends on the quantity of the soundproofing panels being attached to the cabinet.

  • Will these panels reduce sound from a generator in a double-walled resin (rotational mold) enclosure, the generator puts out 80-82 db?

Answer:Hello, if you want to reduce the sound of this generator, you need to stick at least 2 walls. In one room. Our sound absorbing panels are the best in the market for similar sound absorption.