About Us

BUBOS Acoustic panels(Sound Proof Padding)- A quiet night, A musical feast

Our vision is to become the leading global brand in acoustical treatment industry. With affordable yet effective products to solve every household or residential noise pollution issues.

Our mission is to solve everyday and noise problems for different individuals and business. Whether you are first time homeowner or professional who are not familiar with acoustic products. We want everyone to understand how acoustic foams can solve noise issue while having customized stylish designs in their space.

How we got our start?
As musicians and recording engineers, we were frustrated with the acoustic panels available when we built our first recording studio back in 2000, so we decided to design products that would live up to our own high standards

What makes our product unique?
All our products are designed, tested and regularly used in our own recording studios – we put them to task first and only release them if they make the grade

Why we love what we do?
BUBOS has a glorious history in acoustics. Through continuous development and innovation every year, a unique acoustic company has gradually formed, BUBOS strives to reach higher standards in acoustics.

BUBOS is an innovative factory with many years of history. We research and develop products by ourselves and choose high-quality and safe materials. We always insist on producing high-quality products.Each products has its own unique appearance patent and has passed US environmental protection certification.Natural and non-toxic!

BUBOS Acoustic currently has aluminum seam sound-absorbing panels, new wooded acoustic panels, large size space sound absorb, composite sound-absorbing panel, high-performance sound insulation boards , professional sound insulation doors another acoustic patented technology products. Dozens of domestic and international inspection reports.

 Our products are widely used in Theaters, Concert Hall, Gymnasium, Cinema, Conference Room, Banquet Hall, Recording Studio, Hotel, KTV, Home Theater, Residence, Industrial Plants and other places.

BUBOS provides the highest quality products in the industry, while guarantee professional and informed expert assistance for a pampering online shopping experience.