Acoustic Panels VS Soundproof Foam


Soundproof foam is an open celled foam, often in the shape of cones or triangles. Like any acoustical treatment, the goal is to improve the sound quality in a room by removing residual sound. However, acoustical foam is really only effective at absorbing high-end frequencies, meaning if you have trouble with mid-frequencies or bass, then foam most likely will not greatly improve your sound situation.

Acoustic Panels, on the other hand, are constructed with a much denser core material meant for broadband absorption - which means it will absorb all frequencies and make a noticeable difference right away. This is why you typically see acoustic panels being used in professional recording studios over foam alone. Acoustic Panels help control sound wave reflections across all frequencies, creating a balanced sounding room that is ideal for recording and mixing audio. This concept goes for any space requiring less reverberation or unwanted noise.

Where studio foam is preferred for pricing, more often than not, professional acoustic panels are the better long-term solution.

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