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How do you Soundproof a Room Without Damaging the Walls?

I know everyone wants a silent room, but sometimes it is tough to find a quiet room, and at the same time, you don't want to damage your walls or furniture, so what will you do if you want to soundproof your room without damaging walls and furniture?

For one, you can't damage the wall or furniture. While you can remove carpeting, hard surfaces should remain intact. The idea is to create a barrier between the noise source and the wall or furniture.

All you have to do is to change your AC unit to a quieter model and use certified acoustic panels with a strong grip double tape! It is a simple solution! This is how you can soundproof your room without damaging walls or furniture.

Why do you Need to Soundproof your Room?

No doubt, soundproofing your room is not optional; it is essential to live a healthy and FOCUSED life as we cannot avoid noises, so if you are living in a noisy area, you must consider soundproofing. It will keep you safe, comfortable, energetic, and highly concentrated in your favorite place.

We have covered this topic in much more detail, have a look over there to know how to soundproof your room without buying new furniture!

See How to Soundproof a Room Without Damaging Walls or Furniture using Acoustic Panels:

Step 1: Unpack Acoustic Panels or Foam

There is no point in using soundproofing material if you do not know how to install it. So, to install the foam or soundproof wall panel from Bubos, you will only need inching tape, a cleaning cloth, 3M double-sided adhesive tape (or adhesive spray/velcro strips/small screws), and the panels you got in the package. The package does not have double-sided tapes from 3M, but we recommend them for the best and strongest grip for our panels.

Measure the wall or ceiling area using the inching tape and mark your findings for an absolute placement. You can also watch tutorial YT videos from experts to know which areas in your room use our soundproof panels for the best results!

You can also use smallish screws, but that will probably kill the whole idea of furniture damage. Either use Velcro adhesive strips or an adhesive spray that is readily available at a hardware store near you.

Step 2: Clean the Area and Get Panels Ready

Wipe the area where you will place all your panel/s on the wall or your ceiling as tiny dust particles make it difficult for the adhesive tape or spray to work its full magic in the long run!

Check how many panels you would need in the focal area for the best NRC and sabin numbers for optimal sound absorption results. You CAN get creative here with all the happening tricks of shapes and trigonometry using your panels of choice!

Step 3: Peel the Tapes, Apply and Place the Panels

Peel the backside of the tape and place it on the wall or ceiling where the acoustic panels will be installed. Place the acoustic panels over the double-sided tape, and make sure that the acoustic panels are facing down. The soundproofing panels are flat, so they should fit on the surface and remain stable. Then, the double-sided tape sticks the panels to the wall or ceiling.

Metal doors and alloy surfaces result in better and more sturdy sound diffusion panel placement than wooden or cemented areas. Use 8 layers of adhesive tape, as shown in the picture below. Make sure the adhesive tape is applied evenly across the entire panel.

Bubos Panel Way to Apply Panels using Double Tape

Step 4: Install the Acoustic Panels

Now you will start installing the acoustic panels, overlapping the edges by one inch (or half an inch will also do). If you were using screws, now you can screw the panels - Stitching!

Once the panels are attached, press each one gently so any leftover air gap might be deflected from all the panels. Wow, and you are done!

Using this soundproofing technique is good if you live in a noisy place and want to keep your family (or yourself) focused, safe and comfortable. Also, check out our new products, one of which is the popular Self-Adhesive Hexagonal Soundproof Panel design that comes with preinstalled high-quality fully spread glue at its back for quick installation. If you do not want to waste time buying tapes or screws for fixing the panels, buy these, just unpack and remove the rear peel-off layer, and stick the panels on!

Bubos Peel Off Self Adhesive Hexagon Panels

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