Don’t Know Where to Buy Acoustic Panels From? -Try Bubos Acoustic Panels

Don’t Know Where to Buy Acoustic Panels From? -Try Bubos Acoustic Panels

Many people want to work in peace but some noises are really annoying, and they can pass through walls. No matter how thick walls you have, they still get into your head and ruin your peace. Besides, if you have your own studio at home, you want a complete barrier between your system and the external environment. Neither you can afford to let the noise come inside, nor vice versa. In the end, you are left with only one question. Where to buy acoustic panels? The answer is pretty simple, and it is Bubos Acoustic Panels ( No need to waste time and energy looking for other options when the top name is already in front of you. Thinking about what benefits our acoustic panels have? Read out all these benefits you can hardly find anywhere else.

Do You Want Unbelievable Sound Absorption?

If people want sound suppression, they mean it. It should be like a silencer attached to the walls. Likewise, you need acoustic panels of Bubos Acoustic Panels for sure. Well, there are some reasons, and the biggest reason is their ability to reduce the maximum sound waves possible. In these panels, you will find the use of polyester fiber for the maximum blockade of noise.

Whether you are preventing others from your sound or vice versa, they will create a huge barrier between you and the sound. You can find their sound-suppressing range from 150 Hz to 5000 Hz. In simple words, they can reduce more than 50% of the noise level. They are the best for recording studios, nursery rooms, libraries, auditoriums, offices, and wherever you want. They not only block the noises; they also absorb it to eliminate echo in the room.

You can get peace of mind in your work when you avoid external noise efficiently. If you are thinking about where to buy acoustic panels, Bubos Acoustic Panels is the number 1 choice. Bubos Acoustic Panels can maintain all the measures in the production of super-absorbing acoustic panels.

Made of Fire-Retardant Material for Safety

Accidents can occur anywhere worldwide, and you have to deal with them smartly. Not only do you have to learn skills to save yourself and others, but you need to choose safe materials for your place too. Likewise, installing acoustic panels will be safe for your property.

In case anything wrong happens, which should not happen at all, your acoustic panels must be fire-retardant. Acoustic panels of Bubos Acoustic Panels are fire retardant, which can give you time to control the fire. That is what you need to have for sound suppression, as well as, for safety.

Simple Installation in Home and Workplace

You do not need a handyperson or laborers for their installation. They are easy to install wherever you want in your home or workplace. You can install them however you want and wherever you want. There are different ways to install them on walls and ceilings.

The easiest way is adhesives, where you need to just peel off the protective layer, and stick wherever you want. The other way is installation through screws, which you can do for long-term and stronger attachment. These simple ways make them free of labor costs.

Freedom to Select Shapes, Sizes, and Thickness of Panels

Customization makes lots of things possible for lots of users. Whether your room is large or small, any size of the acoustic panel is possible to be installed. A large manufacturer like Bubos Acoustic Panels can manufacture as many pieces as you want. All of them will be in your desired shape, size, and thickness level. Density and thickness define their sound-absorption capacity.
acoustic panels
The higher the density is, the higher the absorption level of sound will be. If you decide between shapes, there are hexagonal, rectangular, square, and custom panels. You can arrange the settings in the room by using the right shape as per your place’s arrangement.

Want a Personalized Touch with Colors and Images?

There is more for you. If you want to add some colors to your acoustic panels, you may ask for them. The customization service allows us to manufacture acoustic panels in any shade. Whether you love lighter or darker shades, just ask for it.

Let it be more personalized with the pictures of your loved ones. Yes, you read it right. We can make acoustic panels with pictures of your loved ones or favorite place on them. Whether it is a beach, sunset, greenery, or waterfall, you will get any picture on them. That will make a combo of acoustic panels and wall art.

Who Would Avoid Low-Cost Acoustic Panels?

After seeing all the above characteristics in our acoustic panels, you must be wondering about the price range. Don’t worry about it, we know how to meet your budget range. Our production is all about economies of scale. We reduce the prices for our clients through a massive size of manufacturing. That means you can ask for bulk production to get low prices for our acoustic panels. If you are thinking about where to buy acoustic panels at a low price, we are the right choice.

Bubos Acoustic Panels is a wholesaler in the industry, which offers all the services at low prices. We can manufacture them for you however you want. All it takes is a little price, which you can pay without any challenge.

Following Certified Manufacturing Methods

We never skip this part, because it is related to the safety of users. Users like you will be using them, and we want complete protection of consumers at all costs. If you are wondering about the safety hazards of using acoustic panels in an enclosed place, don’t worry about that. We adhere to UL certification regarding protection from harmful emissions coming out of low-standard panels. Here, we maintain every standard to keep them free of any hazardous element and their emission.


Now you know where to buy acoustic panels from. You have different choices in our acoustic panels in terms of colors, shapes, images, sizes, etc. There will hardly be anything left out there.
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